24 Hours of PAINes

What it's all about

The challenge of 24 Hours of PAINes is leading a route clean to get points and doing so continously for 24 hours. It is a team challenge however both members will not have to climb the same routes. Individual scores will be added as a team total. This way an 18 grade climber can get together with a 25 grade climber and make a team.

When and where

the next episode of Paines24 is yet to be officially announced, but we are thinking about Easter Weekend 20/4-22/4/2019..

Registration is on Friday evening at Hangdog..

Start is on Saturday morning at 10am..

Safety first, fun second

Fancy costumes and helmets are compulsory!

Entry fee

$40 per team of two climbers

The raised funds will be used to cover the costs of the event organization, prizes and the rest will go into the bolt fund to make Paines Ford a safer place to climb. None of the funds will be used to pay us for doing this. We do it because we love it.


Prizes for winning teams of male, female and mixed category plus spot prizes.